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Pumps Solutions

We can help you handle all your pumps requirements be it repairs, procurement and periodic management.

We have OEM supports for all your pumps need.

Our line bliind valves ensure zero leakage to downstream.

Our Line Blind Valves are designed to allow blinding by untrained operator within 30 seconds ~ 5 minutes safely.

Our Line Blinds can be easily and safely operated by just one operator.

Our Line Blind Valves ensure zero pipe stress during operation.

The unique Gear-Set System of our Line Blind Valves prevents the sticking problem of blind plates.

Our Line Blind Valves do not only reduce man-hour costs but also improve overall production time.

Unlike traditional valves and competitor alternatives, our Line Blind Valves come with a simple and intuitive Hand-Wheel operation system that eliminates the need for extra tools (such as Cranes, Bolts, Nuts, Gaskets, etc.). This ultimately increases efficiency by reducing time spent on valve operations.

Our Line Blind Valves increase operational safety by preventing common hazards such as inhalation of potentially toxic fumes, product spillage and risks of explosions.

Our Line Blind Valves are designed with an outstanding structural simplicity that requires minimal maintenance. With our Line Blind Valves, all the maintenance you have to do is replace the Sealing.

The unique Gear-Set System of our Line Blind Valves creates a perfectly isolated system that eliminates friction and raises the system efficiency to the maximum.

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