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At Daramyx Solutions Limited we redefine efficiency and precision through state-of-the-art automation and control solutions. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, we empower industries to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and embrace the future of technology-driven advancements.

We pride ourselves on being partners and system integrators for renowned global automation brands such as Emerson, Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Schneider, and General Electric. Our expertise extends across a spectrum of critical areas.

Our Expertise at a Glance:

SCADA Solutions

Monitor, Analyze, Gain real-time insights, manage complex operations and make informed decisions remotely for streamlined operations.

Control Systems

Achieve unparalleled control over your operations with our custom-designed control systems. Tailored to your unique requirements,

DCS System

Accomplish seamless integration, real-time monitoring, enhanced flexibility, minimized downtime, data-driven insights, and risk mitigation with DCS System

PLC Programming

Our skilled team excels in PLC programming, enabling precise control and automation of intricate processes across various industries.

Your Path to a Smarter Future

In a world where precision and efficiency are paramount, Daramyx Solutions Ltd is your guiding light. We understand that your success hinges on your ability to embrace automation and control at its finest. Our mission is to pave the way for you, ensuring that every operation is optimized and every decision is empowered by data.

Why Choose Us?

We are innovative and passionate about the work we do. We always come up with new ways to enrich your revenue to greater heights. Extraordinary and High Quality services: We have a supreme team who works rigorously to grown businesses beyond client’s expectations.

35, Total Gospel Road, off Odili Road, Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

+234 902 590 0951

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We have over the years demonstrated that we are a partner you can rely on for the services that we render

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