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Automation Engineering Solutions

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Daramyx provides full control system lifecycle services for project concept stages through detailed and clear engineering, implementation, startup and maintenance including technical support on deployed systems.

Daramyx are certified system integrators with experience with almost all well-known DCS/PLC platforms such as Allen Bradley, Schneider, Siemens, etc. We are entirely comfortable with these hardware platforms and any project that involves one or more of them communicating with each other. Daramyx Solutions Limited will act as the single source of supply to clients for all control system hardware, control panels and accessories, system integration, supply of computers, testing, HMI and PLC software, and integrated testing for this project.

We are also equipped to handle Smart Home, Smart Meter and Smart Energy Projects hereby affording you a smooth running of your home with less energy and less cost.


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Smart Home Solutions

From the early 2000s a rapid increase in the popularity of smart home technology, smart home started to become affordable option and therefore viable technology for many customers.

With the use of devices such as sensors and other appliances connected can remotely monitor, control or access and provide services that respond to the perceived needs of the users.

At Daramyx, our products offer the best and most robust Smart Home devices which provide more efficient monitoring and control of home attributes such as lighting, entertaining system and appliance.

With this your can regulate the gadget and points in your house remotely, e.g. You can control the Kitchen and other parts of the house from the comfort of your room. In addition, you can regulate the electricity distribution of the whole house from anywhere ease

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Smart Solar Solutions

Solar Energy is rapidly revolutionizing the global energy mix and has proven to be a scalable cost-effective alternative to carbon fuels. As it becomes an imperative for industries and corporates to imbibe such alternatives in line with the Paris Agreement of April 2016, we have positioned ourselves to offer one of the best and most robust solutions for Solar Energy systems. Taking it a step further, we have integrated smart and automation technologies to facilitate the ease of use, monitoring and control of these solar systems thus ensuring that they fit well within automated industrial systems and processes.

Our solution matrix covers Ground Mounted Systems, Roof Top setups, Off-Grid Systems, procurement, installation/integration, operations/maintenance, and training.

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We offer a complete solution that integrates all the tools of Smart Energy Management in the industrial sector enabling real-time monitoring, remote control and maintenance, intelligent planning of interventions, implementation of energy-saving strategies, and optimization of energy supplies.

Our solution is built around Smart Energy Devices and a Smart Factory Platform. Smart Energy Devices are intelligent remote devices that communicate with each other to reassemble the operational, electrical and non-electrical parameters of the building to the Smart Factory server. The Smart Factory Platform is a configurable web application. It provides administration tools for managing and configuring Smart Energy devices. It allows the collection, archiving and processing of data and events from equipment. The Smart Factory platform contains analytical modules that, among other things, analyze energy losses and measure their financial impacts.

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