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Critical Wireless Radio Solutions

We represent Satel to deploy their long range radio modems for wireless data transmission.

Radio modems communicate wirelessly with each other point-to-point or on a multipoint basis – the routing options are diverse. A local data transfer network can be built without telecom operators or other intermediaries. Radio technology networks are vital where cabling is impossible or too expensive.

Contact us when your data communication is very critical to your business and you will like to have your own reliable wireless network for machine-to-machine communications. We can help you in creating a professional network design with optimized radio and antenna parameters. Our technical support with fast reaction times is also at your service.

Areas of Application


SCADA Utilities
Precise Positioning
Isolated Sites Communications
Environmental Monitoring
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Industrial Internet
IP Radio Routers
Serial Radio Modem
Serial Radio Module
Wireless I/O
Cellular Router

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