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We represent Sammi Machinery Co. Ltd. & Boxy Blind Valve Co. Ltd to deploy Line Blind Valve Solutions in Nigeria and the Sub-Region.

Line Blind Valves take away all headaches and cost associated with conventional pipeline isolation using Spectacle Blind, Double Block and Bleed (DBB) Valve and others.

Our Line Blind Valve incorporates a tough yet simple design that has been developed to provide absolute shutoff, long life and trouble-free service with minimum maintenance. We can manufacture the Line Blind Valve to your project specifications using all the necessary international standards for different sizes and ratings.




SAMMI Line Valves

Explore all SAMMI Line Valve types and get a free consultation with our experts to determine which is best for you. 

Sliding type line blind has a unique gear set mechanism that makes a gap to slide in/out a blind plate without pipe joint stretching. It provides a safe and time efficient blinding process. SAMMI’s sturdy and simple design creates highly reliable and durable line blinds using the most advanced technology.

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Swing type line blind is one of the most popular line blinds that an operator can use to quickly and efficiently isolate a pipeline safely. SAMMI’s unique design provides non-stretching operation that can prevent pipe joint stress caused by stretching movement.

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Compact type line blind is designed for replacing an existing valve with limited F-F distance, large diameter pipeline or limited space installation. SAMMI’s compact design provides weight reduction and removes the need for extra pipe supports.                                   

Non-Spill type line blind has many advantages in oil terminal and offshore applications where the space of installation is limited and prohibiting of pollution is strictly required. With SAMMI’s unique design, this line blind can prevent ground pollution and be installed parallel to the pipeline.                                                              

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Jack Bolt type line blind has been used for a long time as it is applicable for a broad range of pressure pipelines with a lower cost. To change the blind plate position, an operator is required to unbolt it manually.                                                                                

Goggle type line blind is a good solution to isolate large diameter, high temperature and/or toxic gas pipelines for maintenance and inspection.                                                             

Automated Line Blind is good for remotely controlled blinding operation, high frequency of on-off cycle and/or critical fluid application. SAMMI Lind Blind provides automated blinding system by AOV, MOV or oil hydraulic source.

EX type Line blind offers 100% pipe isolation for severe service conditions such as extremely high temperature, cryogenic, gas/liquid contained particles and/or polymer production pipeline. The unique stretching mechanism creates a gap to switch blind plate positions quickly and efficiently.                             

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BOXY Line Valves

Explore all BOXY Line Valve types and get a free consultation with our experts to determine which is best for you.

DBX type of Blind valve has good advantages in Oil terminal & offshore applications where is limited installation space
and marine pollution is strictly prohibited.
The full enclosed body & compact design prevents ground pollution and it allows to install at parallel pipe lines.


SBX type Blind valve has good advantages in gaseous fluid or critical pipeline with acid, flamable, toxic or carcinogenic media. The full enclosed body & compact design prevents environmental pollution and it allows to install at parallel pipe lines.

SDX Type special blind valve has been developed for the requirement of isolation under pressure. Open/Close position can be changed with soft seals (special sealing kinds). Achieve positive isolation of liquid/gas fluids without depressurizing the pipeline. The dual gear-set actuator allows no friction during operation and the soft seal can make perfect isolation.

EX Type blind valve offers 100% isolation for severe service with extreme temperature and pressure/or cryogenic (-196℃) application.

No internal gasket with simple structure minimize contact surface with extreme media and unique spreading mechanism make a gap to switch blind plate position in a short time.

Strong torque for tightness with solid structure enable to isolate severe pipeline with safe. Only gasket replacement of blind plate is needed for maintenance.